Tourism 4.0

We don’t want to follow the changes, we want to co-create them. Since more than 25 years Arctur’s Research and Innovation department has been serving as crossroad of creativity, failing and learning from mistakes, to live the interdisciplinary spirit by merging the most different worlds of science, art and business into one innovative energy. With this energy we want to transform the perception of tourism and business around it.

Tourism 4.0 is a name for the current trend of big data processing collected from a vast amount of travellers, to create personalized traveling experience. It is based on variety of modern high-tech computer technologies. Term originates from new paradigm in industry, known as Industry 4.0.

Tourism 4.0 creates seamless journeys, it leverages 4. Industrial Revolution technologies, such as artificial intelligence, internet of things, big data analysis and cloud computing, to enable travel experiences be more efficient, safer, greener and less hassle while optimizing journey times, and minimizing costs for travelers.

Facing enormous change in tourism, travel and aviation industries, there is much more to consider than just advanced technology and different traveling experience. New tourism paradigm will affect every field around its self:

Our project embraces the urge to create an ecosystem in which physical and digital space, infrastructure, personnel and technology behind merge into one seamless experience of many different tourist services and products. To reach that, we need to develop new collaboration systems in which players from different disciplines co-create and innovate.


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