Tourism 4.0

We don’t want to follow the changes, we want to co-create them. Since more than 25 years Arctur’s Research and Innovation department has been serving as crossroad of creativity, failing and learning from mistakes, to live the interdisciplinary spirit by merging the most different worlds of science, art and business into one innovative energy. With this energy we want to transform the perception of tourism and business around it.

HPC for Engineering

From the first nut nad bolt to the bigest ship or bridge. Computer analysis aids engineer so speed up their design workflow and improve components and final products.

HPC for cleaner energy

R&D in the clean and sustainable energy industry depends heavily on simulations and computational analysis to discover and develop new energy sources.

HPC for Aerospace

Due to its need for numerous large scale and routine rapid simulations, the aerospace industry has emerged as one of the most consistent markets and drivers for HPC.

HPC for Computer animation

Animators, special effects artists, editors and directors to collaborate in near real-time on their animations no matter where they are. Yotta's infrastructure will reduce time to market for producers and increase the quality of production for users.

Cloud for enterprises

Modern IT environments demand higher server capabilities with the highest possible availability and flexibility. – thematic stock marketplace for 3D design

A web marketplace for 3D designs and models for 3D printing.

SESAME Net - connecting SMESs and HPC centers

The newly founded project to create the European network SESAME Net -Supercomputing Expertise for Small And Medium Enterprises has been launched. SESAME Net will boost the usage of high performance computing technology by small and medium-sized enterprises.